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Greaves of Callissa Epic Boots
Raid damage: 75

Duel power: 38
Attack: 15
Defense: 15
Perception: 10
Increases Health by 50, Stamina by 5, Energy by 5; PvP Bonus: +25 power, +5 damage, +2 deflect

Boots callissa
V. The warrior-woman's fury was boundless, an ocean of rage that drowned all before it. Foemen met their demise at the end of her spear one by one, skewered like chunks of meat ready for the cooking fire. Callissa screamed her war cry, calling the heavens to witness her end. But it was not to be. For as she slew the last foe before her, and prepared to charge off in search of fresh victims, a man staggered from an alley. It was Pareus, ruler of Melops. Blood ran from a dozen wounds upon his body, staining his garments with the dark crimson that foretold the coming of death. But his eyes were strong, his glare intense, as he seized Callissa's arm.
Obtained By:

Formerly gained from Daily Rewards, now crafted with 2 Steel and 1 Arcane Oil.

Additional Info:

Can be upgraded to Mighty Greaves of Callissa with Pragmatic Relic Fragment

Part of Callissa's Set


  • Greaves of Callissa is a part of 2 recipes.

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