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Gravlok the Night-Hunter is the third boss encounter for Fallows (Area: East Fallows). As with all bosses, Gravlok the Night-Hunter can also be battled in a raid with 4 available levels: Normal, Hard, Legendary and Nightmare.


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Essence batman Gravlok the Night-Hunter Essence Used to summon Gravlok the Night-Hunter (Raid) Gravlok the Night-Hunter quest boss
Legion 1 March III Quest Boss - Scylla, Gravlok the Night-Hunter and Erebus the Black


Enter battle

Luminous green light erupts from the end of the sceptre in Medea's hands, forming a bright bolt that lances through the air like the celestial spear of some ancient war god.

The swooping dragon jerks his body aside as the bolt shoots towards his throat, a frantic and desperate movement that seems too incongruous from so fearsome a creature. The wyrm is swift in spite of his great size, but not swift enough.

The bolt explodes in the dragons wing, searing through flesh as if it were paper, leaving a great hole in its wake. The dragon hovers in the sky for a moment, roaring in rage and pain. Then he plunges towards the ground, disappearing from sight beyond the battlements. A second later there is an immense thud and another roar, even louder than the first.

Cheers and yells sweep across the wall, drowning out the Wyrm's agony. But the battle isn't over yet. The monsters attack redoubles in ferocity, howling and shrieking, yearning to punish those who have wounded their master.

The remaining bat monsters descend from the sky and as they approach, you see that one is much larger than the others. Its heading straight for Medea who stands nearby clutching the now inert sceptre.

Solus leaps in the air taking you aloft to intercept it.


The bat monster's lifeless body plummets through the air. It strikes the edge of the battlements with a sickening crack, then bounces away to finish its inelegant descent. A moment later it lies broken on the ground far below.

The dragon, now crouching some distance away from the town, issues a roar. This time it doesn't sound like an expression of pain or rage. There is an unmistakable note of command in it.

From your vantage point, you see the monsters pulling away from their positions at the foot of the walls, receding like a dark wave dragged back into the ocean against its will. Some of those still fighting on the battlements try to flee over the side and join the retreat, but Fallows defenders make short work of them.

In mere minutes, the monsters have withdrawn. But any hope you had of seeing them in full flight is soon dashed. They halt, then begin to spread out and encircle the town. Fallows is now under siege.

An hour or so later, after the dead have been gathered and the wounded tended to, and the corpses of the creatures hurled down from the walls, you and the other commanders are summoned to a meeting at the town hall.

You arrive to find Fallows' Mayor Aurelius Bloodwyn in mid-speech. You dislike him immediately. He is fat and soft, dressed in fine dyed silks, a strutting peacock. A wealth of gold glitters around his neck and fingers. You saw nothing of him fighting on the walls, while others gave their lives to defend his town.

Mayor Bloodwyn revels in the victory as if he were its architect and brags that the creatures will never take Fallows. He decalres that aid will come soon enough and the town should simply endure the siege until then.

Captain Marcus argues against him. Bands of creatures have already been glimpsed in the dim evening light, joining the ranks of the besiegers. What if daybreak comes and it brings new legions of flying monsters, others capable of scaling the wall unaided - perhaps even another dragon. The town would be overwhelmed. He urges a sortie whilst the enemy is still weak, before they can receive substantial reinforcements

Many of the commanders murmur in agreement, but the mayor will hear nothing of such plans. He refuses to risk his forces by giving battle outside the walls.

You stand up and all those present turn to you, eager to hear what the dragonrider of Burden's Rest has to say. For a dreadful moment the staring eyes, the enormity of what you're about the propose, stifle your words. Mayor Bloodwyn's mouth twists into a condescending smirk and you fight back the urge to smash it off his face.

At last you speak, saying that you would lead a night attack of your own. While the enemies are spread thin so as to encircle the town, you will strike right at their heart, the dragon himself. If you kill him, perhaps the siege will crumble.

The mayor is outraged at this dismissal of his authority, yet he can do nothing to stop you. Your followers owe their allegiance to you, not him. Captain Marcus and some of the other officers declare that they are ready to join you, but Mayor Bloodwyn yells that no one in the employ of Fallows will be permitted to take part in this attack.

You'll be on your own, on what amounts to a suicide mission. Even if you manage to slay the dragon, your small force will have no chance against the army which will descend upon you.


Gravlok screeches as you flee, a savage, piercing sound. The other creatures on the wall draw strength from his victory, and redouble their assault on the town's defenders.

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