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Gravedigger's Ring Rare Ring
Raid damage: 1900

Duel power: 233
Attack: 400
Defense: 300
Perception: 250
Can You Dig It?: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage per piece of Gravedigger's set worn; Set 8: Extra damage against Undead raids

Ring gravedigger
8. They whirled round. The man gasped. Lockpicks fell from the woman's hands.

And Gern swung his bladed shovel.

It was a good swing, with all of his beef behind it. Two heads flew from blood-spurting stumps. Lia screamed. The gravedigger grunted, and turned to chide her for her softness -- till he saw her beaming face and understood that it was a squeal of delight.

Lia clapped her hands.

"That was amazing!" she said.

"Magic blade." He tapped his finger against the bloody steel. "Cost a pretty penny, but worth it."

Obtained By:

Shadow (Raid)

Part of Gravedigger Set
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