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Gravedigger's Hat Rare Helm
Raid damage: 1900

Duel power: 233
Attack: 400
Defense: 300
Perception: 250
Can You Dig It?: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage per piece of Gravedigger's set worn; Set 8: Extra damage against Undead raids

Helm gravedigger

Helm gravedigger f

3. "I told you to meet me here at the gates..."

He jabbed the bottle towards the rusty iron railings. Then he cast a suspicious glance in the same direction, peering between the bars at the sprawling tombstones beyond. Because the moment you turned your back, that was when...

"And to dress for the graveyard," Lia said.

"Yeah..." He scowled. Had he seen...? But maybe it was just the moonlight and shadows playing tricks. He looked back at the girl. "Exactly! For the graveyard! And what do you call that?"

Obtained By:

Shadow (Raid)

Part of Gravedigger Set
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