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Gravedigger's Gloves Rare Gloves
Raid damage: 1900

Duel power: 233
Attack: 400
Defense: 300
Perception: 250
Can You Dig It?: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage per piece of Gravedigger's set worn; Set 8: Extra damage against Undead raids

Gloves gravedigger

Gloves gravedigger f

5. He eased the gate open. Oiled hinges moved with just the softest of creaks, and a low shudder of old iron.

"Why're you-"

Gern put his finger to his lips and picked up his shovel. Moonlight glinted on its edge.

"You sharpen your-"


He stepped into the cemetery, gesturing for his new apprentice to follow.

Obtained By:

Shadow (Raid)

Part of Gravedigger Set