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Grasha the Ukrak-Breaker General
Legion damage: 820

Duel power: 283
Attack: 300
Defense: 550
Race oroc Oroc
Role melee Melee
Source wisdom Wisdom
Black Crystal Crush: 17% chance to deal 7,000 damage against Demon raids; Extra 280 damage for each Black Barrier Oroc and Black Piercer Oroc in the active legion; Gains 150 Attack, 225 Defense and 7,000 damage while in the Black Depth Gatekeepers legion

1. "The gods cast the wicked into the black depths, where they will never know the glories of the crystal kingdom that wait for brave heroes. In that dark and miserable place they cry out for mercy. Except for the foulest among them. They let the blackness into their souls, and become ukrak -- what your people call demons." -- Grasha the Ukrak-Breaker
Obtained By:

Hunters of the Dark Chest

Additional Info:

X Grasha the Ukrak-Breaker Black Barrier Oroc
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