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Grandmaster-at-Arms' Helm Epic Helm
Raid damage: 1300

Duel power: 373
Attack: 260
Defense: 260
Grandmaster-at-Arms: Chance for bonus damage; PvP Bonus: +200 power, +50 damage, +20 deflect

Helm grandmaster at arms
XI. Jantar took nine paces, shaking his marotte in victory, before Kalatha the Kruel leapt upon him. The barbarian had long despised the jester for mocking her poor spelling, and yearned too for the title to which the fool had laid claim. She seized him in her mighty arms, lifted him high above her head, then broke his spine across her knee.
Obtained By:

Crafting: Master-at-Arms' Helm with Qwiladrian Power Stone

Part of Grandmaster-at-Arms' Set

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Name Type Recraft Type
Hero-at-Arms' Helm Items/Lineage
Helm grandmaster at arms
Pragmatic relic
Qwiladrian power stone
Bloody bolt
Clockwork dragon schematic
Helm hero at arms
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