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Grand Sluriasmic Helm Epic Helm
Raid damage: 23500

Duel power: 3133
Attack: 4700
Defense: 4700
Increases Player's Attack by 80,000 against Echidna or Sluriasma; Increases critical hit chance against Echidna or Sluriasma by 3%

Grand sluriasmic set helm

Grand sluriasmic set helm f

I. Echidna soon forgot Ukshmi's words, for she little suspected what great power lay within the goddess or demon of the many arms. To the dragon they had been nothing more than a curious eastern blessing. Merely a wishful prayer from a strange but grateful being. And as she continued her travels, flew over the world's seas and kingdoms, countless other wondrous things captivated her eyes and soul.
Obtained By:


Part of Grand Sluriasmic Set


  • Grand Sluriasmic Helm is a part of one recipe.
Grand Sluriasmic Helm Events/World Raid
Master sluriasmic set helm
Torn sluriasma frill brown
Torn sluriasma frill grey
Torn sluriasma frill green
Torn sluriasma frill blue
Grand sluriasmic set helm
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