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Grand Crusader's Warhorse Epic Mount
Raid damage: 1245

Duel power: 180
Attack: 235
Defense: 305
Dei Volunt: Chance for bonus damage against Demons and Undead

Mount grand crusader
9. Dearest mother,

We have sacked Ull'burr'shrck (or so a demon named it under torture). The foul settlement's streets are littered with the bodies of enemies so terrible it would chill your heart to look upon them. Yet Isabelle and I gave battle without fear, and fought as angels.

But I have far more wonderful news, of which I must speak. I have met a splendid woman -- a fair maiden who had been held here as a captive, stolen from our realm so that she might be sacrificed. How vile the demons are! Ah, she is as beautiful as the moon. She reminds me of you, mother. Her name is Gazrashesha (so lovely!). Oh, how wonderful it will be to introduce her to you when we return home with our duty done.

Your affectionate son,


Obtained By:

Epic loot from Old Foes (World Raid) when dealing 43B damage

Part of Grand Crusader's Set


  • Grand Crusader's Warhorse is a part of one recipe.
Hell Hunter's Steed Events/World Raid
Mount grand crusader
Zombie remains grey
Zombie remains green
Zombie remains blue
Zombie remains purple
Zombie remains orange
Mount hell hunter
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