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Grand Crusader's Sign Epic Ring
Raid damage: 1070

Duel power: 127
Attack: 230
Defense: 150
Dei Volunt: Chance for bonus damage against Demons and Undead

Ring grand crusader
8. "We made camp, and filled the air with our prayers as warriors cleaned the demon's gore from their weapons. Ludmun stood atop a boulder, speaking of the glorious work we had done that day. The High Cleric said that though dozens of fiends had already been slain, it was but the begining of our pious quest. On the morrow, he promised, we would attack the demons' towns and cities, and raze them to the ground." -- Acolyte Nareen, 'The Grand Crusade'
Obtained By:

Epic loot from Old Foes (World Raid) when dealing 225M damage

Part of Grand Crusader's Set


  • Grand Crusader's Sign is a part of one recipe.
Hell Hunter's Ring Events/World Raid
Ring grand crusader
Zombie remains grey
Zombie remains green
Zombie remains blue
Zombie remains purple
Zombie remains orange
Ring hell hunter
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