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Grand Crusader's Greaves Epic Boots
Raid damage: 930

Duel power: 135
Attack: 175
Defense: 230
Dei Volunt: Chance for bonus damage against Demons and Undead; Extra damage if the Grand Crusader's Sign is worn.

Boots grand crusader
7. Dearest mother,

Hell is a strange and terrible place. As we marched from the portal, we found a band of fiends behaving indecently on the plain before us. I was forced to shield Isabelle's eyes with one hand whilst I wielded my sword with the other. We slew the sinful creatures, and cried out our purpose until the realm shook with the strength of our holy intent.

No more than an hour later, a swarm of imps descended upon us -- offering weapons and supplies to aid our campaign. For they said they had no love for the local demons. We struck their heads from their shoulders.

Your affectionate son,


Obtained By:

Old Foes (World Raid)

Part of Grand Crusader's Set


  • Grand Crusader's Greaves is a part of one recipe.
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