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Gourdmare Epic Mount
Raid damage: 20000

Duel power: 2667
Attack: 4000
Defense: 4000
Perception: 2500
Charge of the Patch: 15% chance to deal 630% damage; Extra 500% damage against Undead raids; Extra 10% damage against Undead raids for each Gourdmare owned (MAX: 50); Increases Player's Attack and Defense against Undead raids by 1,000

Gourdmare mount
A cursed creature formed of magic and malice, Gourdmare's are rare creatures created by powerful necromancers. Their search for spiritual essence is insatiable and while they make excellent steeds of war, they are known to be extremely willful and difficult to control amid large groups of spirits.
Obtained By:



  • Gourdmare is a part of one recipe.
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