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Golden Charmed Clodhoppers Epic Boots
Raid damage: 2015

Duel power: 272
Attack: 400
Defense: 415
Weaponized Charm: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each Golden Charmed set item equipped; Extra damage for each Drunken Leprechaun in the active legion; Extra damage for each Blacked Out Leprechaun in the active legion; Extra damage against Large raids

Boots golden charm
Known in the Old Tongue as "Buataisi Taistil go Tapa" ("Boots of Fast Travel"), these pieces of footwear were renamed by the leprechaun chieftain Finn MacHagrid, during one of his legendary drunken benders. Because he was under the influence of a cocktail known as the "Divine Drink of Destructive Delight", MacHagrid refused to undo his decision once he sobered up for fear of angering his people's alcoholic gods.
Obtained By:


Part of Golden Charmed Set


  • Golden Charmed Clodhoppers is a part of one recipe.
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