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Goblin Bombardier Cesta Puenta Epic Off Hand
Raid damage: 4900

Duel power: 533
Attack: 1100
Defense: 500
Explosive Catastrophy: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional piece of Goblin Bomardier set equipped; Extra damage if Joso is owned; Extra damage against Goblin raids; If Goblin Bombardier Launcher is equipped, increases crititcal hit chance by 3% against Goblin raids; Chance to discover a Ninja Puppet or Green Killer Spoils on hit when complete set is worn (excluding Goblin Bombardier Mask) against non-Guild related Goblin raids

Off goblin bombardier
Cesta Punta is both the device’s name and the suicidal game that goblins play to promote their fellow kin to Goblin Bombardier status. This tool is used to catch the bomb, which is then thrown back to a wall and bounced to the opposing team. When the bomb explodes and kills a goblin, the round repeats until there's one team standing. Those who are victorious have the right to call themselves Goblin Bombardiers, but there are times when both teams end up annihilated, and no victor is called.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinExpeditions October 2015

Part of Goblin Bombardier Set
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