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Gilded Colossus Head Epic Helm
Raid damage: 2000

Duel power: 532
Attack: 450
Defense: 200
Marble Massacre: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional piece of Gilded Colossus set equipped; Extra damage for each unique piece of Marble Colossus set owned; Extra damage against Colosseum raids; PvP Bonus +315 Power

Helm gilded colossus

Helm gilded colossus f

"The Colosseum!?! People die in the Colosseum! People like me! This is all my wife's fault! She said we needed the money! Make *her* fight in there!" -- Mungus Mellow-Meadow
Obtained By:

Marble Colossus (Raid)

Part of Gilded Colossus Set
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