Gigantomachy is the only boss encounter for The Last Titan. As with all bosses, Gigantomachy can also be battled in a raid with 4 available levels: Normal, Hard, Legendary and Nightmare.


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Essence gigantomachy Gigantomachy Flashback Used to summon Gigantomachy (Raid) Gigantomachy quest boss
Jodis Jodis 375 375 469 Snow Angel: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Giant raids; Extra damage against Gigantomachy raid; Increases Player's Defense by 200; Increases Player's Energy by 20 NM Gigantomachy quest boss
Gloves mathalas gift Mathala's Gift Vambraces 500 400 600 Gift of Gore: Chance for bonus damage against Giant raids; Extra damage for each piece of Mathala's Gift set worn NM Gigantomachy quest boss
Hunting trophy brown Brown Hunting Trophy Craft x2 Stat Points (Collection); Mathala's Gift Charger (Mount) The Last Titan quests
Hunting trophy grey Grey Hunting Trophy Craft x2 Stat Points (Collection); Mathala's Gift Charger (General) The Last Titan quests
Hunting trophy green Green Hunting Trophy Craft x2 Stat Points (Collection); Mathala's Gift Charger (General) The Last Titan quests
Hunting trophy blue Blue Hunting Trophy Craft x2 Stat Points (Collection); Mathala's Gift Charger (General) The Last Titan quests
Hunting trophy purple Purple Hunting Trophy Craft x2 Stat Points (Collection); Mathala's Gift Charger (General) The Last Titan quests
Hunting trophy orange Orange Hunting Trophy Craft x2 Stat Points (Collection); Mathala's Gift Charger (General) The Last Titan quests
Collection red hunting trophy Red Hunting Trophy Craft x2.5 Stat Points (15 for 6); Jolla II, Frida II, Braugord the Einherji II, Woodland Wisp


Enter Battle

"Gods?" Thisne said.

Yes... That word had flitted through her dreams, among myriads of others, in dozens of languages she'd never learned but understood all the same -- as her kind always did with the primitive tongues of the lesser races. Now nuance settled on it like falling snow.

"Tell me about these 'gods', child."

"About... About the gods? They rule Tor'gyyl! They created the land, and the sky, and the sea, and us, and... And everything!"

"Who told you that?"

"Everyone knows! The gods made the universe!"

"Humans think Rassys, Karuss, Brough... Brough! You think that stupid jester made the universe?"

The girl's eyes widened.

"Don't talk about the gods like that! They'll smite you!"

Thisne laughed.

"If Brough tried to smite me, I'd give him another beating to add to all the others! Listen to me, little girl. Titans, the ones you call gods, didn't make this world. We were made with it. And so were the giants. We were made, and we fought. The giants... You said you'd never seen one?"

"No! There are no giants in West Kruna. The gods killed them, and drove them into the sea!"

"Then we won..." She felt her lips curve into a smile. "Where can I find the other titans? They'll tell me what's-"

"Thisne..." a voice said.

The titaness almost dropped the girl, who gave a little cry and grabbed her finger. Thisne set her down. Then she stood and turned.


It was an instant before recognition came. The titaness before her was dressed in outlandish garb. A costume of thick black metal plates encased her to the neck. And her hair... Shades of silver that gleamed like the edges of blades, and crimson rivers of blood, flowing as though blown by invisible winds.

"Of course," Mathala said. "You remember me like this..."

She waved her hand. The armor disintegrated, exploding from her body in an omnidirectional shower of blood and gore -- revealing a red chiton, its hem worn above her knee in a warrior's style. An iridescent wave undulated through her hair. And when it had passed from roots to tips, Mathala wore the scarlet curls Thisne knew so well.

"Magic! Then Galba..."

"Yes. She was right. After we crushed the giants, we..." Her eyes gazed past Thisne and narrowed. Then they rose to meet hers once more. "Galba's ritual worked. We became... greater. Greater than the giants, or the titans we once were."

"And me? What happened to me?"


"You died," Mathala said. "And I buried you, here in the snow. You always loved the snow..."

"I... I don't understand."

"I waited... I swear to you, by the bond we shared, the battles we fought, I waited. When the ritual made us immortal, I hoped you'd rise. Your body was still warm, fresh from the final battle. I thought... I thought there was a chance. But you lay there, lifeless. So I brought you here and made this land your grave."

"I... I dreamed. I saw wars, and blood. I heard humans, elves, goblins, and all the lesser races crying out to... to you. To us."

"Karuss believes mortal prayers have power, even beyond what we choose to give them. Perhaps..." Redness flashed around Mathala's hand, and a dagger appeared in her grasp. "Give me your arm."

"What? I..."

"Trust me. Please."

Thisne held out her limb, and scowled as the sharp edge sliced across her forearm. Crimson droplets blossomed along a sliver of parted flesh.

"This is a mundane blade," Mathala said.

She opened her hand. The weapon vanished in another burst of scarlet light. She took Thisne's arm and traced the wound with her index finger, sealing the skin.

"It wouldn't have wounded a goddess," she continued. "You're still a titan!"

"Of course I'm a titan! So are you!"

Mathala sighed.

"Not anymore, Thisne. You're the only one left. And the others -- Karuss, Detsaal, everyone -- are waiting to see what you'll do. Because they're afraid. Scared that by being here, by being alive, you'll reveal everything to the lesser races."

"They sent you to kill me, didn't they?"

"Maybe. If they did, they're fools. But..."

"I understand. If there's no place for me in this world..." She gestured at the chasm gaping in the snow. "I'll return to my tomb."

"No. There's another way. Become immortal. Join us."

"How? The giants are gone. The girl said..."

"Let me show you."

This time the redness was larger, brighter. All-consuming. When it dissipated, parting in a crimson mist, the titaness and goddess were no longer in the snow. The smell of brine filled the air. Waves washed around their calves.

"There are still giants," Mathala said. She pointed to the horizon, where a mass of land was just visible between the dark sky and darker sea. "In Chalua, where even the gods no longer tread. Because Galba says... She fears them. We all do. Some of our kind believe a giant can still kill a god. So we leave them to their jungle land, and we've all sworn never to set foot on it. If you go there, none of the others will come for you."

The goddess drew Thisne into an embrace, and kissed her cheek.

"The war's still waiting for you. Find it and triumph. Come back from Chalua with the materials Galba needs, and I'll force her to perform another ritual. There's a place for you in heaven -- if you're strong enough to seize it."

Mathala released her and held her gaze, till at last the titaness spoke.

"Use that magic of yours," Thisne said, "and give me a weapon."

The snow reappeared beneath Mathala's feet. Cold air tingled on her wet legs, harsh and bracing.

At least a dozen quarrels would await her in heaven. So be it. She'd stand by her deeds. And if any of the others tried to cow her, they'd learn why she was the goddess of war. But first she had other things to tend to...

She waved her hand. Heaps of ice and snow rumbled, drifted. Crawled across the ground in a horizontal avalanche. In moments the chasm's maw was stuffed, Thisne's tomb filled -- ready for the next snowfall to blend it into the white mantle.

That just left the other matter.

She was still there in the middle of her roofless house, staring at the goddess. Mathala snatched the girl up, turned her hand, and opened her fingers -- leaving the human sprawling in her palm.

"You know far too much, little mortal. It's my duty to destroy you."

"I'm not afraid."

The goddess stared at her.

"No, you're not, are you? What's your name?


"I'll remember it."

Mathala's other hand slammed down, and her palms met in a clap that echoed across the landscape. The others wouldn't tolerate mercy. Not for a girl who knew secrets no mortal ever should.

But they could go to hell.

The goddess lifted her hand.

"I... I..." Jodis said. The girl sat there, running disbelieving fingers over unscathed flesh. Blinking at the wings that fluttered on either side of her body. "What..."

"Thisne's path will be a lonely one. No god can walk at her side, and our heavenly warriors must never know the truth. But you already know..."

She tossed the angel aloft. The girl's wings flapped, capturing the air, holding her level with the goddess' eyes.

"Fly to Chalua, child of the tundra. And watch the last titan fight."


"It was a fierce battle, and blood spilled from our wounds," Mathala said. "But neither giant nor titan would yield. Not with all of Tor'gyyl at stake."

Additional Info

  • Normal - 600 HP
  • Hard - 800 HP
  • Legendary - 1200 HP
  • Nightmare - 1600 HP
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