General Grune is the third boss encounter for Burden's Rest. As with all bosses, General Grune can also be battled in a raid with 4 available levels: Normal, Hard, Legendary and Nightmare.


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Essence ogregeneral General Grune Essence Used to summon General Grune (Raid) General Grune quest boss
Chest silver Silver Breastplate 8 10 11 10 General Grune quest boss
Legion 1 Strike Quest Boss - Chieftain Horgrak, Mazalu, and General Grune
Midashand Midas' Touch Attacks by any raid member have a 5% chance to obtain 100% additional gold Quest bosses - Mazalu and General Grune
Helm tullian Mayor Tullian's Helm 10 10 13 60 Increases Energy by 3 Quest boss - Nightmare General Grune
Citadel book barracks Barracks Book This book allows you to construct the Barracks in your Citadel, and can be obtained by defeating General Grune (quest version) on Normal difficulty. Quest: N General Grune
Belt brown Brown Kobold Belt Craft x2 Stat Points Burden's Rest quests, help requests and gifting
Belt grey Grey Kobold Belt Craft x2 Stat Points Burden's Rest quests, help requests and gifting
Belt green Green Kobold Belt Craft x2 Stat Points Burden's Rest quests, help requests and gifting
Belt blue Blue Kobold Belt Craft x2 Stat Points Burden's Rest quests, help requests and gifting
Belt purple Purple Kobold Belt Craft x2 Stat Points Burden's Rest quests, help requests and gifting
Belt orange Orange Kobold Belt Craft x2 Stat Points Burden's Rest quests, help requests and gifting


Enter battle

The children babble at you with dozens of excited tongues, explaining that the mayor lured the ogre away so they would only have to hold off his minions. You instruct most of your companions to escort the children to safety in case any more monsters are still lurking around the keep. Then you lead your hand-picked warriors in search of the Ogre.

As you move further up the keep, a savage growl reveals his location. You come out onto the battlements to see the brutish Ogre facing off against Solus Tullian, the mayor of Burden's Rest.

Mayor Tullian, wounded and gasping meets your gaze as the Ogre swings his club. He smiles, knowing by your presence that the children are safe, that the monsters have failed to hold the keep against the townsfolk. Then the club smashes into his side, launching him over the ramparts.

The Ogre gives a rumbling laugh then turns as he hears you approaching.

"Was fun," he declares, gesturing to the empty space where Solus Tullian plunged to his doom.

"Do it again, To you."


The Ogre staggers against the battlements, his hulking body covered with wounds. One of your companions raises his blade to finish him off but you hold him back. You have another death in mind for this monster.

Casting your weapon aside you grab one of the ogres legs. Its thick and immovable as a tree trunk. But your comrades understand your intent. They all secure a grasp and with a mighty heave the Ogre is sent howling over the edge.

You return to the Town Square and witness both happy family reunions and the wailing of the children who find themselves orphaned. The blue dragon whelp is still there, his head darting around as he absorbs the sight of the new world in which he finds himself. He bounds over as he sees you, causing the fellows you left watching over him to leap out of the way. His forked tongue darts out, cleaning the blood off your cheek.

One of the children walks up the the dragon, wonder eclipsing fear in her young mind.

"Is he yours?" the girl asks.

"I... I suppose so," you reply.

"Whats his name?"

The question seems absurd, but after what you've witnessed today your threshold for absurdity is rather different from what it once was.

"I'm going to call him... Solus" you say.

The girl nods in approval. Then she reluctantly returns to her nervous parents, who are urging her away from the dragon.

Now that the fight's over a tide of weariness washes over you. Your muscles feel like they are made of lead, weighing you down and threatening to make you collapse. As if sensing this, Solus turns, presenting you with his flank, his long neck stretches round and he nudges you towards his back.

The townspeople are looking on at the bizarre scene. Your face reddens slightly at the thought of the comical spectacle you must be presenting. Then you shrug. If ever people needed a good spectacle to distract them, its now. You climb onto Solus' back, hoping he won't buck you off too hard.

The dragon shifts slightly as if to make his position under you more comfortable. Then he begins to trot around the square to the delight and cheers of the townsfolk. And to think that this morning you were harvesting turnips...

Later that day a company of the kings soldiers arrives. Their commander asks to see the mayor, and instead is brought to speak with you. With Solus Tullian gone, you appear to have been made the unofficial leader in Burden's Rest. By the time the commander reaches you the towns people have filled his ears with such exaggerated tales of your exploits as to put you on par with the great heroes of legend. An impression which is only heightened when he sees Solus curled up beside you.

Once he's overcome his trepidation at the sight of the dragon, the commander explains what's been happening beyond the town . He tells you of a vast army which has invaded the kingdom, a dark horde lead by dragons. Where they came from is a mystery, but they struck suddenly - wiping out several of the kingdoms smaller settlements.

The commander's orders were to secure Burden's Rest and then enlist aid for the Fallows. A larger portion of the dragons' army is marching for that town and all able body fighters in the region are being sent there to bolster its defenses.

For a moment you consider refusing. Burden's Rest is your home, you gladly fought for it, but you're no soldier. Why should you march off to the Fallows, to fight for a king you've never even seen? Then you think back to Solus Tullian, giving his life to save the children, you think of all the innocent blood spilled today.

And so you head out from Burden's Rest, perhaps never to see its gleaming buildings again. Across the countryside lies Fallows, the town you're now sworn to defend.

Your companions are filled with confidence, and gladly follow where you lead. They sing a boisterous war song as you march. You wish you could share their enthusiasm. But you touched the egg. You saw the dragon, a creature a hundred times deadlier than any you fought in Burden's Rest. You know that far greater challenges await you.


The mighty ogre general gives another of his hideous rumbling laughs as you run, barely dodging another swing of his huge weapon as you do so. For now the keep is his.

Additional Info

General Grune Quick Reference

  • Max damage on all difficulties is 50