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Galatea Epic General
Legion damage: 106

Duel power: 35
Attack: 40
Defense: 65
Race construct Construct
Role healer Healer
Source intellect Intellect
Essence of Life: Increase Player's Health (+40), Energy (+6), Stamina (+6), Attack (+6), and Defense (+6)

A sculptor once created a marble statue so beautiful that he fell in love with her. He prayed night and day that she would come to life, and so she did -- as a cold and emotionless animated statue. He died in misery. Ironically, his death taught her how to feel.
Obtained By:

Epic drop from Nightmare Deathglare (Guild Raid)

Additional Info:

Can be boosted by Galatea Boost or Galatea Boost II.


Based on the myth of Pygmalion and Galatea.