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Friendly Werewolf Epic Troop
Legion damage: 306

Duel power: 113
Attack: 170
Defense: 170
Race human.png Human
Role melee.png Melee
Source special.png Special
Friendly Werewolf gains 20 Attack and Defense if Blood Moon is owned; Friendly Werewolf gains 20 Attack and Defense if Smiling Sarah is in the legion

Friendly werewolf.jpg
"So..." you say. "A man came up to me, screaming, and said a werewolf was abducting his daughter."

"What's abducting?" the little girl asks. She stops tugging on the lycanthrope's ears, and blinks at you.

"Like stealing, but with people."

"He didn't steal me! I jumped on his back and told him to give me a ride!"

"It's true," the werewolf says. "And I didn't want to be rude..."

He sighs. And because you're in a good mood, you decide to help out.

"I've got a dragon. Would you like to ride him instead?"

"Yeah!" She yanks the werewolf's ears and drives her heels into his hide. "Giddyup! Take me to the dragon!"

Obtained By:

Full Moon Chest