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Forgotten Knight's Stride Boots
Raid damage: 17400

Duel power: 1800
Attack: 4000
Defense: 1400
Sands of Time: 12% chance to deal 200,000 damage; Extra 25,000 damage for each piece of Forgotten Knight set owned; Extra 40% damage against Undead raids; Increases critical hit chance against Undead raids by 3%

Forgotten knights boots

The light from the figurine mixed with the gem and an eruption of sound resonated throughout the city. The undead host halted a moment as the necromancer briefly faltered. He cleared his eyes and saw an armored figure before him. The armor was old and scarred but two bright blue orbs burned brightly from beneath its helm. A mummified warrior of ages past, nothing his minions couldn't handle.

Obtained By:

Planet CoinExpeditions October 2017 Relic Pack

Part of Forgotten Knight Set
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