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Fallows was built centuries ago as a bastion against invasions from the east. Its sturdy walls have never been breached.

The third questing area in the game, Fallows becomes available when all sub-quests and boss encounters have been completed on at least normal difficulty in Faedark Valley.

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Title Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7
Defender of Fallows
(Complete Fallows on Nightmare difficulty.)
Acv fallows 1.png
25 AP
Acv fallows 2.png
50 AP
Acv fallows 3.png
100 AP
Acv fallows 4.png
250 AP
Acv fallows 5.png
500 AP
Acv fallows 6.png
1000 AP
Acv fallows 7.png
2000 AP


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Helm steel.png Steel Helm 13 27 20 Bazaar - Fallows
Chest steel.png Steel Breastplate 13 27 20 Bazaar - Fallows
Gloves steel.png Steel Gloves 13 27 20 Bazaar - Fallows
Pants steel.png Steel Pants 13 27 20 Bazaar - Fallows
Boots steel.png Steel Boots 13 27 20 Bazaar - Fallows
Helm deathmask.png Balaric Deathmask 15 15 19 40 Quest boss - Briareus the Butcher
Marcus v2.jpg Marcus 55 40 65 Recruiter: Chance to summon a troop Questing: Fallows - Dragon's Camp
Vanessa.jpg Vanessa Celwer Bloodwyn 40 55 54 Redirect Blow: Negates all incoming damage while dealing extra damage Quest Boss: any Fallows
Worldmender.jpg World Mender 20 20 25 Bazaar: Fallows, Daily Rewards (White)
Scale brown.png Brown Dragon Scale Craft x2 Stat Points Fallows quests, help requests and gifting
Scale grey.png Grey Dragon Scale Craft x2 Stat Points Fallows quests, help requests and gifting
Scale green.png Green Dragon Scale Craft x2 Stat Points Fallows quests, help requests and gifting
Scale blue.png Blue Dragon Scale Craft x2 Stat Points Fallows quests, help requests and gifting
Scale purple.png Purple Dragon Scale Craft x2 Stat Points Fallows quests, help requests and gifting
Scale orange.png Orange Dragon Scale Craft x2 Stat Points Fallows quests, help requests and gifting

Pre Lore

Long hours of marching and fighting have taken their toll, and you’re forced to make camp by the roadside as darkness falls. You had hoped to reach Fallows today, but you had not expected to wage war on the Bloody Fingers or trek through monster infested caverns. Now you and your companions are worn out, in no condition to give battle if you encounter enemy troops on the way.

You sleep almost as soon as you lie down, and when your eyes open again you see dawn breaking across the sky. The others decided you deserved a full night’s sleep, and didn’t wake you to take your turn at sentry duty.

Rubicar River Lore

In the soothing light of early morning you continue the march, your refreshed and energetic pace eating up the miles. As you draw nearer to your destination, you and Roland scout ahead. The two of you crest a hill to gain a vantage point. In the distance is Fallows, resting on the horizon. Between you and your goal winds the Rubicar River, curling over the landscape like a gleaming ribbon.

And arrayed along the far side of that river is an enemy force. Bestial warriors stand guard on the narrow stone bridge. If you try to take your army across it they will surely be able to hold you at bay long enough for their archers to wreak havoc on those trapped behind you. More of the creatures wait along the bank, ready to slaughter any who might try to cross elsewhere, to bombard them with missiles while they're vulnerable in the water, or else spear them as they attempt to drag themselves onto the bank.

Either path seems to promise destruction, death for you and your followers. But you have little choice. To go around the river would take far too long. You must cross here. Roland suggests a diversion, a small group sent across the bridge to lure the enemy away from the banks. One small enough to get into melee range instead of becoming fodder for arrows as it stretches along its length. It seems as good a plan as any.

Sub Quests

Battle of the Bridge

Z3 a1 q1.jpg
You send the bulk of your companions to a shallower point downriver, to wade through the neck-deep water there. Then you lead a small force in a charge over the narrow bridge. You must lure all the enemies to you, so your troops can cross unnoticed.

The Die is Cast

Z3 a1 q2.jpg
The creatures are savage, but not stupid. The rest pull back, trying to lure you to the open space where they can use their numbers to greater advantage. And you have to press the attack, in spite of the risk, to keep them occupied while the others cross.

Against the Odds

Z3 a1 q3.jpg
Your group forms a semi-circle, the bridge at your back. Enemies swarm on three sides, a writhing mass of fangs, claws, and wicked steel. You can't last long against such odds, but if you can just hold out long enough for your troops to arrive...

Turning the Tables

Z3 a1 q4.jpg
So eager are they to slaughter you, the monsters don't see your allies coming. They learn about them soon enough, however, when they begin to taste their steel. In mere moments the troops fight their way to your side, and together you surge forwards.

Boss - Briareus the Butcher

West Fallows Lore

You know that to the inhabitants of the kingdom’s larger settlements Fallows is just a quaint little town. But to you and your followers from Burden’s Rest it’s like a sprawling city. A great wall encircles it, making it seem an impregnable fortress. For a moment you’re filled with hope. How could even the dark horde hope to breach those thick walls that have thwarted attackers for centuries? Then the image of the black dragon comes unbidden to your mind, and the feeling of hope drifts away from you like an insubstantial mist.

A crowd is gathered at the western gate, hurrying inside. So desperate are they to enter that they don’t spare a glance for those arriving behind them. Just as well - else the sight of Solus might cause a panic. From their chatter you learn that scouts have sighted the enemy army, and that it approaches quickly. These people have hurried from the nearby farms and estates to seek shelter before the gates are sealed. The time of your arrival was fortunate, for moments after you enter they close, and the rattling portcullis drops into place.

A man in a martial uniform approaches, and introduces himself as Captain Marcus of the town guard. He is wary of Solus, but does not seem surprised by his presence. You discover that messengers on fast steeds have already begun to spread word of the hero of Burdens Rest. He welcomes your aid, knowing that Fallows needs all the help it can get.

Together you walk through the streets of West Fallows, the section of the settlement where the poor dwell, and discuss the town’s defenses. Then the screaming starts. People are rushing past you, their faces filled with fear. The captain grabs one of the passing men by the arm, yanking him over, and demands to know what’s happening.

"Monsters! Monsters!" yells the man. Then he pulls his arm free, and disappears into the fleeing crowd.

Marcus is dumbstruck for a moment. There was no signal. The enemy haven't been sighted from the walls yet. How can they be inside the town, with the gates sealed? Then he draws his sword, and starts to push his way through the screaming masses, heading towards the danger whilst others run away. You follow, ready to fight by his side against whatever peril has struck Fallows.

Sub Quests

An Amphibious Assault

Z3 a2 q1.jpg
Toad-like monsters surround a raised stone opening, and another is climbing out of it to join them. Fallows has been infiltrated by creatures capable of navigating the underwater channels that supply its wells, even as the enemy army draws near.

Through Foulness I Can't Even Imagine

Z3 a2 q2.jpg
You head to the next well alongside Captain Marcus, when an iron gate in the ground is flung aside with a crash. More of the creatures, emerging from the stinking depths of the sewers. Discord rises from Medea's harp, echoing your disgust as you fight.

The Wonders of Modern Alchemy

Z3 a2 q3.jpg
A man in alchemist's robes comes to your side, gesturing wildly at a nearby cart loaded with barrels. Between wheezing breaths he tells you that they contain dangerous substances. You nod, and order your companions to pour them into sewers.

Enemy at the Gates

Z3 a2 q4.jpg
A guard runs over to the captain, yelling that enemies are massing from the well near the gates. That was their goal all along, to open the way for the army when it arrives. You sprint to the location, and throw yourself into battle to stop them.

Boss - Scylla

East Fallows Lore

You ascend to the top of the eastern wall, and watch as the horde approaches. A thousand monstrosities darken the horizon. But your eye is drawn to only one of them. Above the army is the dragon, bringing itself towards Fallows with great sweeps of its leathery wings.

When you looked upon him in your mind, through the connection with Solus’ egg, it was as if you stood right before him. Yet somehow he is even more fearsome now, in spite of the distance between you. Before he was a frightening image. Now he hovers above the plain as a grim reality. Soon he will be here. You feel his blue eyes meeting yours. Real or imagined, the sensation chills you.

Solus places his forelegs on the edge of the battlements, and cranes his neck forward as if to get as close a look as possible at the other dragon. You can’t even begin to imagine what might be going through his mind at the sight of another member of his species. That thing communicated through his egg. Does that mean some connection exists between them? Did Solus experience the images conducted through his shell, as he lay curled up within it?

On your right Roland smiles. “lf this is my last adventure, so be it. It will be the best one yet.”

To your left Medea plays her harp, the music drifting across the battlements. Her song is stirring, enchanting. But you detect an undercurrent of melancholy in its sweet strains. She knows that she may be playing her swan song. At her feet lies the ornate box containing the elven artifact, unopened.

Further along the wall Captain Marcus stands with the guards under his command, issuing orders and words of encouragement to men and women about to fight and perhaps perish in the defense of their town.

The dark horde rolls ever closer, a black tide seeming to devour the ground before it. The dragon is no longer advancing with them. The great wyrm hovers in the air, out of bowshot, observing his minions as they charge into battle. Other creatures flap beside him on bat-like wings, reminding you of carrion-feeding minnows swimming around a shark.

Somewhere along the wall an order is given, and the archers let their shafts fly. In the dense host below almost every arrow finds a target. But still they charge on. In a moment they’re at the walls, and it’s time for you to fight.

Sub Quests

Drakes and Ladders

Z3 a3 q1.jpg
Siege ladders swing up against the wall from the horde below, and monsters begin to scramble up their length. One ladder taps Solus on the snout, and he responds by knocking it aside, sending the creatures screaming to their doom. You follow his example.

Brawl Atop the Wall

Z3 a3 q2.jpg
But other monsters need no ladder. They clamber up the wall like lizards, agile bodies dodging arrows and spear thrusts. Some are already pulling themselves onto the battlements, grabbing hold of the blades slung on their backs or grasped in their teeth.

Death from Above

Z3 a3 q3.jpg
In the midst of the fighting on the wall, now that many of the archers are engaged in melee and cannot fire their bows, the bat monsters descend with a hellish screech.

Elven Magic

Z3 a3 q4.jpg
At last the dragon's great form swoops down towards the wall. Medea appears beside you. In her hands is a scepter, a green crystal at its tip pulsing with arcane energy. She calls for you to defend her, while she unleashes the artifact's power.

Boss - Gravlok the Night-Hunter

Dragon's Camp

You gather your companions, and inform them of your plan. Their faces are grim. But when you ask for volunteers, every single man and woman raises their hands.

From the top of the wall you stare into the night at the place where the dragon lies. The enemies are especially thin spread there. Perhaps the dragon can’t imagine that any foe dare to march out and face a creature such as him. If so, you hope he will come to regret that arrogance this night.

As you ready the ropes which will lower you and your companions down into the darkness, Marcus appears at your side. He’s dressed for battle.

"I’ve resigned my position in the town guard," he explains. "I won’t let outsiders die for Fallows while I hide behind the walls at the behest of a weak and worthless mayor."

The signal is given, and you make your descent.

Sub Quests

Silencing the Sentries

Z3 a4 q1.jpg
You and a few of your companions fan out into the night. The enemy are lax in their defenses, not expecting an attack. Only a few of the bestial creatures stand guard, patrolling along the ground between the walls and their camp. They will die first.

Dark Deeds

Z3 a4 q2.jpg
Not far from the main camp, a pack of kobolds lie in drunken slumber. Scattered around them are wine bottles, no doubt looted from the nearby vineyards. They're close enough to interfere if woken by the sounds of fighting. You cannot allow that.

No Turning Back

Z3 a4 q3.jpg
The main camp is before you, the sleeping dragon a great lump in the darkness. Monsters are gathered around fires, some asleep, others eating. This is it. Once you join the battle, escape will be impossible. You give the signal, and charge.


Z3 a4 q4.jpg
The dragon's eye flick open as the sound of combat fills the air. He raises his head, and emits a mighty roar. It will surely bring the rest of the creatures. You must finish off the ones facing you, so you can deal with the dragon before they come.

Boss - Erebus the Black

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