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Home of the feared Bloody Fingers, a group of vicious mercenaries and bandits.

Faedark Valley is the second quest area in the game and becomes available when all sub-quests and boss encounters have been completed on at least normal difficulty in Burden's Rest.

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Elven Caravan | Bloody Fingers' Camp | Monster Cave


Title Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7
Warrior and Adventurer
(Complete Faedark Valley on Nightmare difficulty.)
Acv faedark 1
10 AP
Acv faedark 2
25 AP
Acv faedark 3
50 AP
Acv faedark 4
100 AP
Acv faedark 5
250 AP
Acv faedark 6
500 AP
Acv faedark 7
1000 AP


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Helm bronze Bronze Helm 6 14 10 Bazaar - Faedark Valley, Chieftain Horgrak (Raid)
Chest bronze Bronze Breastplate 6 14 10 Bazaar - Faedark Valley
Gloves bronze Bronze Gloves 6 14 10 Bazaar - Faedark Valley
Pants bronze Bronze Pants 6 14 10 Bazaar - Faedark Valley
Boots bronze Bronze Boots 6 14 10 Bazaar - Faedark Valley
Helm chain Chain Helm 15 15 19 Faedark Valley quests and raids, Arachna and Deathglare guild raids
Chest chain Chain Shirt 15 15 19 Faedark Valley quests and raids, Arachna and Deathglare guild raids
Gloves chain Chain Gloves 15 15 19 Faedark Valley quests and raids, Arachna and Deathglare guild raids
Pants chain Chain Pants 15 15 19 Faedark Valley quests and raids, Arachna and Deathglare guild raids
Boots chain Chain Boots 15 15 19 Faedark Valley quests and raids, Arachna and Deathglare guild raids
Medea v2 Medea 35 45 46 Medea's Melody: Increases Player's Attack and Defense (+15); Chance for bonus damage if Elven Bard's Harp is owned Questing: Faedark Valley - Elven Caravan
Silver arrow v2 Silver Arrow 15 10 18 Quests: Faedark Valley
Goldengardenmonk Golden Garden Monk 20 15 24 Quests: Faedark Valley
Bandit brown Brown Bandit Insignia Craft x2 Stat Points Faedark Valley quests, help requests and gifting
Bandit grey Grey Bandit Insignia Craft x2 Stat Points Faedark Valley quests, help requests and gifting
Bandit green Green Bandit Insignia Craft x2 Stat Points Faedark Valley quests, help requests and gifting
Bandit blue Blue Bandit Insignia Craft x2 Stat Points Faedark Valley quests, help requests and gifting
Bandit purple Purple Bandit Insignia Craft x2 Stat Points Faedark Valley quests, help requests and gifting
Bandit orange Orange Bandit Insignia Craft x2 Stat Points Faedark Valley quests, help requests and gifting
Ring bandit Bandit Ring 45 45 56 30 Increases Health by 20 Ataxes quest boss
Gloves handguards Blademaster Handguards 7 11 10 Occasional drop from Bloody Alice quest boss
Off dbdagger Doomed Bandit's Dagger 30 10 33 Increases Energy by 5 Quest boss: Nightmare Lurking Horror
Pouch 1 Pouch Upgrade Ryndor Raids, NM Lurking Horror (Quest Boss), L/NM Ataxes (Quest Boss)

Pre Lore

The shortest route to Fallows takes you through Faedark Valley. Most merchants and nobles avoid this road, since it runs dangerously close to the camp of the notorious Bloody Fingers. Those vicious cutthroats usually make a living by hiring themselves out as mercenary guerrillas in distant war torn lands. When outbreaks of peace force them to return to their native kingdom, they prey on wealthy looking travelers to earn a little coin through robbery or ransom. Under normal circumstances you would take another path. But time is of the essence, and you doubt whether even such hardened criminals as the Bloody Fingers would relish a fight with your doughty band of warriors.

Quest Lore

Elven Caravan

Pre Lore

However, your hopes of a peaceful journey quickly evaporate. The sounds of battle, now as familiar to you as your own heartbeat, come from around a bend in the road. And something else... Singing? You quicken your pace, and are greeted by the sight of the Bloody Fingers plying their trade. An ornate caravan lies damaged, its horses slain. Nearby are a few elven warriors, fighting for their lives against the bandits. The corpses of their kinsfolk litter the ground, showing that the battle hasn't been going well for them.

You sigh. You left enough bloodshed behind you in Burden's Rest, and more awaits you in Fallows. But you can't leave the elves to their fate. You signal to your companions, and join the battle.

Quest Lore

Rain of Death

Z2 a1 q1 v2
"The Bloody Fingers have stationed their bowmen atop a small ridge. They aren't firing into the melee, to avoid hitting their own men, but will rain their shafts down upon your forces as it approaches. You assault their position atop Solus."


Z2 a1 q2 v2
"The bandits brought along a few horsemen in case they had to chase down the caravan. They're charging towards the remaining elves, spears leveled. You move to intercept them. You wager their mounts will think twice about charging a dragon."

The Elven Bard

Z2 a1 q3 v2
"In the thickest of the fighting dances an elf woman, somehow working a stringed instrument with one hand and a blade with the other. The song you heard was hers, the enchanting melody settling over the entire battle like a mantle. You fight to her side."

War Music

Z2 a1 q4 v2
"The bard acknowledges your aid with a brief nod. Though she does not pause, and the melody seems to flow unbroken, her song transforms into a stirring call to arms. As you hear it you yearn to revel in violence, to deal death to all the bandits."

Boss: Ataxes

Bloody Fingers' Camp

Pre Lore

Your gaze sweeps across landscapes as you advance down the valley. The Bloody Fingers are no mere back alley thieves. Though their activities in their native kingdom are those of opportunistic bandits, you've heard the tales of their atrocities in the service of foreign powers. Villages have been torched by their hands, the inhabitants strung up as a warning to those who would challenge their employers.

You have to be wary...

Quest Lore

In Slyvan Shadows

Z2 a2 q1 v2
"A belt of trees stretches across most of the valley. You suspect that the Bloody Fingers cultivated it to break up formations of attackers, leaving them vulnerable... A moment after you enter, enemies drop from the trees and rise from the bushes. Ambush!"

Open Sesame

Z2 a2 q2 v2
"The camp sprawls before you, a collection of huts and tents, the size of a village. Around it stands a palisade of strong wood, the broad gates shut and barred. You wonder whether they're strong enough to resist a charging dragon."

In pursuit of Justice

Z2 a2 q3 v2
"Your troops pour into the camp with you spearheading their charge. Past the massing enemy fighters you see a man clutching a long ornate box. A yell from Medea confirms that it's the stolen artifact. You start fighting your way towards him."

Fearful Symmetry

Z2 a2 q4 v2
"There's a blur of black and orange fur, and you find yourself borne to the ground, knocked off Solus' back. Atop you is another of their exotic beasts, this one resembling a huge cat. It's claws scratch against your armor, it's fangs chomp at your neck."

Boss: Bloody Alice

Monster Cave

Pre Lore

Solus arcs through the air, his keen eyes and yours scanning the valley for your quarry. But it's impossible to pick him out amongst the trees. Solus gives a disappointed whine, and lands.

Your companions spread out and hunt for any sign of a trail. It's Roland who finds it, his tracking skills still sharp from his decades of adventuring. A fresh footprint in the mud, pointing deeper into the densely wooded valley.

You fan out to form a search line and go through the trees, jabbing at the undergrowth to reveal anyone hiding there. After several fruitless minutes of this, there's a shout from your right. You all converge in that direction, and leave the trees in time to see the bandit sprinting away, managing to outrun his nearest pursuers in his frantic haste. He's making for the mountainside, which confuses you for a moment. Then you notice the cave mouth, partially hidden by the shape of the rock face. The bandit disappears inside. One of the farmhands is close behind him, and is about to enter when Roland calls him back.

"That place is crawling with monsters," he explains. "I went in there years ago with my old party, before those Bloody Finger's claimed the valley. The poor wretch won't last long, nor would any of us who went blundering in on our own."

Heeding the grizzled old adventurer's advice, you have your companions group up and light torches to illuminate your path. Then you enter the shadowy passages, cursing the bandit for putting you to this much trouble.

Quests Lore


Z2 a3 q1 v2
"The maze of tunnels brings you to a large cavern full of thick cobwebs. No normal spiders made these... There's a skittering sound from the darkness around you, and long spindly legs begin to creep into the circle of light cast by your torches."

Scrambled Eggs

Z2 a3 q2 v2
"With a shudder you kick aside the last spider's corpse. Then your heart sinks, as you see the mounds of wobbling red lumps around the edges of the cavern. Hundreds of eggs, about to hatch... Unless you destroy them first."

The Spider Queen

Z2 a3 q3 v2
"Your men breathe a sigh of relief as you smash the last egg. But it becomes a gasp of terror as something vast looms up through the shadows. Eight huge eyes gleam in the darkness, burning with the malevolence of a mother about to avenge her young."

Justifiable Herbicide

Z2 a3 q4 v2
"You try another of the passages. The ground here is coated with a thick mass of what looks like red moss. You're just wondering how a plant could survive away from the sunlight when creepers catch at your legs, and gaping maws rise to snap at you."

Boss: Lurking Horror

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