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Ezna General
Legion damage: 1588

Duel power: 283
Attack: 780
Defense: 70
Race goblin Goblin
Role ranged Ranged
Source special Special
Big Bada-boom!: Chance for bonus damage; Chance to create and throw a Gob-Bomb for additional damage; Chance to create and throw a Big Gob-Bomb for additional extra damage

"Bombs, bombs and more bombs! Bombs everywhere!" Ezna screams maniacally as she throws her bombs far off into the distance, creating a kaleidoscope of explosions.

Then she throws a bomb right at your feet, cackling, "And there’s one right there!"

The device erupts before you could react. You are showered in a myriad of rainbow colored confetti that stick to your skin. She points and laughs as you grudgingly peel off the paper from your body.

"Just kidding! Aww, don’t be mad... Fine! Next time I pull that stunt, it’s gonna be more than confetti..." warns Ezna, as a wayward bomb she threw earlier detonates in the distance.

Obtained By:

Tactical Trio Chest


ability "Big Bada-boom!" is a reference to Leeloo from "The Fifth Element"

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