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Exterminator's Ring Ring
Raid damage: 6400

Duel power: 783
Attack: 1350
Defense: 1000
Big or Small, Get Them All!: Chance for bonus damage against Abyssal raids; Extra damage for each unique piece of Exterminator's set equipped; Extra damage against Insect raids; Extra damage against Insect raids if Chitinous set is owned; Chance to discover a Parasite Fragment on hit against Abyssal or Insect raids when entire set is worn

Ring exterminator
Poisons, fire, and magic are common solutions to giant insect infestations. However, many larger breeds have developed resistances to the concoctions cooked up by the Exterminators. In these cases, men of elite skill are called to go in with their swords and sorcery to deal with the situation head on.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item March 2016 for 25Planet Coin

Part of Exterminator Set
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