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Ermine the Erebean II Epic General
Legion damage: 6000

Duel power: 2333
Attack: 2000
Defense: 5000
Race felpuur Felpuur
Role tank Tank
Source agility Agility
Musteline Marauder II: 9% chance to deal 50,000 damage; Extra 10,000 damage for each Tank troop in the active legion; Extra 100,000 damage against Dragons; Gains 50 Attack and Defense for each unique Erebean set item owned, 100 Attack and Defense for each unique Erebean Gore set item owned and 125 Attack and Defense for each unique Infused Erebean Gore set item owned

Ermine the erebean ii general
Her comrades mocked her. They called her 'the stoat', because they said she weaseled out of hard fighting whenever she could. Then came the battle against the shifting, corrupted abomination that writhed within Erebus' flesh. Her blade pierced its black scales and helped %name% hurl it back into the underworld. No one will ever mock her again.
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Can be boosted by Corrupted Power Boost


  • Ermine the Erebean II is a part of one recipe.
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