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Endless Dawn Chest Epic Chest
Raid damage: 5400

Duel power: 700
Attack: 1100
Defense: 1000
Perception: 500
Vigilance, Eternal: 15% chance to deal 20,000 damage; Extra 5,000 damage for each unique piece of Endless Dawn set equipped; Extra 1,000 damage for each Equipment piece or Mount owned from Rising, Crystal, Glorious, or Breaking Dawn sets; Extra 750,000 damage against Dragon raids; 20% chance to discover a Dragon's Anatomy on-hit while full set is worn against non-Guild related Dragon raids

Chest endless dawn

Chest endless dawn f


Lord Karzo let out a prolonged sigh as he watched the goings on below. His footmen were young and lazy. If they knew he was watching from the balcony of his citadel, disapproving, they did not care. Their drills were approached with reluctance and reprehension. Inconvenient chores.

Long gone were the days when he and his comrades would leap into training as if it were their last battle. Many allies were saved by having that one additional maneuver mastered. Many more were not. Yet all of them took to the field with an intensity this generation would never know.

Obtained By:


Part of Endless Dawn Set


  • Endless Dawn Chest is a part of one recipe.
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