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Echidnan Helm Epic Helm
Raid damage: 740

Duel power: 97
Attack: 150
Defense: 140
Dragon of the West: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Nightmare raids

Helm echidnan
III. The dragon turned to her own kind. She visited the wyrms who dwelled in Bhanipur, and asked what they knew of Uksmi. Echidna spoke of the grand designs harbored in the breasts of West Kruna's drakes, how they yearned to rule over the lesser races as their magnificent kind should. This was folly, had she but known it. The drakes of Bhanipur were not such creatures as Erebus or Nalagarst, Echidna or Nabarazes. They held to ancient philosophies, believed themselves gurus to the younger beings with whom they shared the world the gods had crafted.
Obtained By:

Upgrade the Sluriasmic Helm with an Echidna Victory Banner

Part of Echidnan Set


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