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Drogan Mar unique Troop
Legion damage: 1080

Duel power: 400
Attack: 600
Defense: 600
Race dwarf Dwarf
Trans16 Any
Trans16 Any
Rock and a Hard Place: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for every unique Rune owned; Drogan Mar's Attack and Defense increase by 15 for every unique Rune owned; When a Rune does damage Drogan Mar does a larger amount of damage (Note: This does not apply to damage mimic abilities); Chance to create a Rune from a list of possible Runes

Drogan mar
Few Stonebound hold any great measure of respect for their surface dwelling kin that have turned away from the enduring ores of their ancestors to embrace the soft and ephemeral breezes of Rensha.

However, though he lives above ground, the Stonebound still sing of Drogan Mar.

Most druids foster a symbiotic, caring relationship with the fauna they devote their lives to protecting, developing the ability to change their form into that of any manner of woodland creatures. Drogan Mar cares only for the stone.

Obtained By:

Deathrune's Chest then
Planet CoinLimited Time Item February 6th - February 20th 2015 for 150 Planet Coins

Additional Info:

Drogan Mar can summon the following 32 Runes:


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