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Dread Reaver's Loyalty Mount
Raid damage: 69600

Duel power: 8550
Attack: 14650
Defense: 11000
Perception: 11000
Fear of the Grave: 11% chance to deal 1680% damage; Extra 868% damage against Undead raids; Extra 300% damage against Undead raids for each different piece of Dread Reaver's set owned; Increases critical hit chance against Undead raids by 4%; Set 7: Increases critical hit chance by 3%

Dread reavers mount

There was a darkness, not unlike the first time the skeleton had died. He could feel the wraith's cold, magical blade sucking part of what remained of his soul from his skeletal body. Then, there was light once again. The same early morning sky greeted him, but this time when he saw the armored figure it did not attack him, but spoke once again, "We will purge this land of those like us. Our eternal damnation binds us to Tor'gyyl, and we will set her free and in doing so set ourselves free. We forge onward to cleanse the land of this undead filth!" The skeleton would've sighed in response if he could have, but he noticed the band of undead he had become so familiar with over recent months was still with him, just under new leadership as he saw it.

So he walked on and followed the armored figure, because where else could he go? Also, he was magically bound to obey so he didn't really have a choice.

Obtained By:

Planet CoinExpeditions New Item Pack October 2019

Part of Dread Reaver's set
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