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Dread Butcher's Mask Uncommon Helm
Raid damage: 460

Duel power: 53
Attack: 100
Defense: 60
Increases Stamina by 6

Helm dread butcher
3. Timothy thanked the priest for instructing him. Then he returned home with his parents and enjoyed a meal of roast beef. As a butcher's son, who was already being trained to help his father, he ate a great deal of meat. Thus the priest's teachings were comforting. He was glad to know that he wasn't eating any souls, and risking corruption to his own. That knowledge served him well a few years later, when it was time to slay his first chicken. He looked at the creature, saw that it possessed no signs of sentience, and lopped its head off. Then he sat down and smiled as its decapitated body ran around.
Obtained By:

Uncommon loot from Jack (Raid)

Part of Dread Butcher's Set
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