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Drake-Slayer's Armet Epic Helm
Raid damage: 900

Duel power: 120
Attack: 180
Defense: 180
Warrior of the Drake War: Chance for bonus damage against Dragons

Helm drakeslayer
I. The ancient war between dragons and men was fought by tens of thousands, but it was brought about by just three. Erebus, Nalagarst and Echidna yearned to rule over the races of West Kruna, and it was they who turned the wyrms' minds towards such wicked ends. Of those bringers of carnage, Nalagarst met justice for his malevolence the quickest. He was slain in battle, slaughtered by the conflict he had so desired. But Erebus and Echidna lived on.
Obtained By:

Crafting: Locar Kessov's Armet with Krykagrius Victory Banner

Part of Drake-Slayer's Set


  • Drake-Slayer's Armet is a part of one recipe.
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