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Drake-Doom Great Helm Epic Helm
Raid damage: 1300

Duel power: 263
Attack: 270
Defense: 220
Perception: 120
Doom of Drakes: Chance for bonus raid damage; Increased bonus damage vs Dragons, PvP Bonus: +100 power

Helm drake doom
"I'm not even a real dragon. Well, okay... If it roars like a drake... But I mean, I wasn't born like this. I'm a dragon because of a stupid magic wish. And I still sometimes get these... feelings... like I should be flying around and ravaging the countryside, or burning things with my breath. If that's how real dragons feel, no wonder so many of them want to kill us all." -- Penelope
Obtained By:

Crafting: Drake-Death Great Helm with Qwiladrian Power Stone

Additional Info:

Part of Drake-Doom Set

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  • Drake-Doom Great Helm is a part of one recipe.
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