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Dragon Spirit Illusion Head Epic Helm
Raid damage: 3675

Duel power: 475
Attack: 750
Defense: 675
Dragons of a Scale: 12% chance to deal 24,000 damage; Extra 300,000 damage against Dragon raids; Extra 200,000 damage against Winter raids; Extra 200,000 damage against Siege raids

Dragon spirit illusion set helm

Dragon spirit illusion set helm f

Pretending to be a dragon isn't all about appearance, of course. It's also about getting into character and putting on a convincing performance. Biting someone's head off might help, for example, or laying waste to a small village. But there should probably be a limit to how far you go in the name of draconic verisimilitude.
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Part of Dragon Spirit Illusion Set


  • Dragon Spirit Illusion Head is a part of one recipe.
Dragon Spirit Illusion Head Events/World Raid
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Dragon spirit illusion set helm
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