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Dragon-Rider's Blade Epic Main Hand
Raid damage: 720

Duel power: 100
Attack: 140
Defense: 160
Perception: 75
For <playername>: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each different Dragon-Rider set item owned

Main dragon rider
"I was down in the dirt, lookin' up at the 'orrid thing. Just waitin' for 'im to split me 'ead open with that axe of 'is. And then 'e was there. I know you folk call 'im the dragon-rider. But to us 'e was just plain old <playername>, what 'ad worked with us in the fields all 'is life. One minute I was goin' to get chopped, next minute the kobold fell down dead. And 'e was standin' there with 'is pitchfork all bloody." -- Gil of Burden's Rest
Obtained By:

Nightmare drop from Frog-Men Assassins quest boss

Part of Dragon-Rider's Set
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