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Draconic Dreams is the third boss encounter for Uncharted. As with all bosses, Draconic Dreams can also be battled in a raid with 4 available levels: Normal, Hard, Legendary and Nightmare.


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Essence draconic dreams.png Draconic Dreams Essence Used to summon Draconic Dreams (Raid) Draconic Dreams quest boss
Off feybane.png Feybane 495 495 619 250 First Blood, Last Laugh: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Magical Creature raids; Increases Player's Attack by 200 against Magical Creature raids Nightmare Bad Blood, Way Warden, or Draconic Dreams quest bosses (not 100% chance)


Enter battle

The room at the inn is small, warm. Its smells and sounds are strange, rich old wood and rough scrubbed linens. Above all of it is a pervasive subtle smell at once familiar and completely alien. The smell of other people.

You're barely able to summon the energy to remove your armor before you collapse atop the bed, carelessly dragging the sheet up with one hand. Sleep comes swiftly, a tall vast wave that crashes over you and drags you into the dark mere moments after your eyes close.

But there are old ghosts waiting in the dark, as the memories of Tor-gyyl resonate and speak through your blood, the prodigal returned at last. A %son% of the Kasans, returning to the land that forged %his% line. The rich dark history of this kingdom is the same as yours, and though you have no waking recollection, the blood remembers all.

War and destiny, heroes and dragons. A legacy that binds.

And old nightmares, ever ready to return.


Scaly slick, the serpentine shape of the dragon melts and shifts. One head sprouts, splits in two, and dives with a hissing screech.

Blue wings blot out the sun, and cast the world in shadow.

Armies of monsters march and clash, a generation culled down by waves of unspeakable violence. And blood, oh so much blood. Coating fields of summer grass with and sticking the blades in clumps, churning the soil into scarlet mud.

Overseeing all, the burning malevolence of the cyan eyes, fiery with secrets and arrogance.

And behind all a slow chittering madness. A hate so vast it is lost to the seething black horizons, expanding, ever devouring.

Consuming everything.

You awake slicked in sweat, pale and shaking with the dawning sun on your face. Your mouth is cottony and dry, and you struggle to rise as the nightmarish flood of imagery spills across the back of your eyes, again and again.

But as you go about the morning -- request a bath drawn, polish your armor and weapons, join Liann for breakfast -- the nightmares begin to fade. Before long, all that's left is a lingering feeling of unease.


The nightmares recede as you recoil from them in horror, but they carry the weight of ages past and will not allow you to wake until you have seen them through to the end.

HP & Max Damage

  • Normal -
  • Hard -
  • Legendary -
  • Nightmare -