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Devouring Pyre Sabatons Boots
Raid damage: 31000

Duel power: 3833
Attack: 6500
Defense: 5000
Perception: 4000
Insatiable Element: 15% chance to deal 40,000 damage; Extra 4,200 damage for each Incinerated Soldier owned (MAX: 50); Extra 40% damage against Winter raids; Increases critical hit chance against Winter raids by 3%; Set 7: Increases critical hit chance by 2%

Devouring pyre boots

Devouring pyre boots f

The path wound downward lined by braziers. There were no signs of guards or priests and the only sound in their ears was a very slight, gentle hum in the air. They continued for what felt like hours before coming to a wide cavern. Surrounded by pools of fiery hot magma which lept up to lick the walls. A long and wide walkway was infront of them with a lone, cowled figure standing at the edge of a great cliff.

The shadow elves' group approached slowly and quietly with Sala at the lead. When she was close enough to the figure she pressed her blade's edge into the figure's back and spoke, "Turn around slowly! And if you try to yell for help I'll kill you before the words escape your pathetic lips." The figure raised their gnarled hands high and did as they were told. The cowl fell back and Sala's brow furrowed in frustration as the same man she had locked up but a day or two prior stood before her.

Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item December 2018 for 20Planet Coin

Part of Devouring Pyre set