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Devouring Pyre Gryphon Mount
Raid damage: 40500

Duel power: 5000
Attack: 8500
Defense: 6500
Perception: 5000
Insatiable Element: 15% chance to deal 345% damage; Extra 45% damage for each unique piece of Devouring Pyre set owned; Extra 1,200% damage against Winter raids; Increases critical hit chance against Winter raids by 3%; Set 7: Increases critical hit chance by 2%; 10% chance to discover Slush on hit against Winter raids

Devouring pyre mount
Sala reached deep within and the shadowy magic on her arms danced with great intensity as she let loose a torrent of dark magic to eat away at the magma. A terrible, hissing sound filled the cavern as the magma was beaten away from Sala's magical onslaught. She raised her chin defiantly at the beast. Shock was plain upon the man's face as he bore witness to Sala's deeds.

"She... She is much more powerful than I had anticipated. We must destroy her! She will destroy everything; she is undisciplined, untamed, a raging fire in her own right!"

The dragon laughed once again, "SHE IS... A RAGING INFERNO. A FIERY... UNTAMEABLE CREATURE... FILLED WITH ANGER. SHE IS... WORTHY." The man's looked on in horror as the dragon battered him aside into the magma with a mighty claw before turning its attention to Sala.

Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item December 2018 for 30Planet Coin

Part of Devouring Pyre set