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Devouring Pyre Gauntlets Gloves
Raid damage: 31000

Duel power: 3833
Attack: 6500
Defense: 5000
Perception: 4000
Insatiable Element: 15% chance to deal 40,000 damage; Extra 4,200 damage for each Incinerated Soldier owned (MAX: 50); Extra 40% damage against Winter raids; Increases critical hit chance against Winter raids by 3%; Set 7: Increases critical hit chance by 2%

Devouring pyre gloves

Devouring pyre gloves f

"Where is your temple? Tell me exactly." She pulled her blade back and produced a parchment and quill for the man to write and draw upon. Once he was finished with his task he knelt before Sala and exposed his throat, she looked at him questioningly, "What are you doing?"

A joyless laugh left his throat, "I understand full well the cost of war. With my instructions in hand you have no need of me. A flame can only burn so hot for so long, I am ready for mine to be extinguished." Sala brought the pommel of her blade hard across the man's temple sending him sprawling across the floor unconscious. She called out and guards came rushing in, "Keep this one isolated from the rest and bind him in suppression shackles. He's a sorcerer." Sala then reviewed the notes he had left her.

Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item December 2018 for 20Planet Coin

Part of Devouring Pyre set