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Devouring Pyre Amulet unique Neck
Raid damage: 31000

Duel power: 3833
Attack: 6500
Defense: 5000
Perception: 4000
Insatiable Element: 15% chance to deal 40,000 damage; Extra 4,200 damage for each Incinerated Soldier owned (MAX: 50); Extra 40% damage against Winter raids; Each attack has a 10% chance to trigger a second attack against Winter raids without additional cost while worn (this effect does not function if Haste is applied to the raid)

Devouring pyre neck
"Fall back!" Sala yelled, but it was too late. The dragon opened its mighty maw and a torrent of lava spewed forth, engulfing her troops. Sala raised a protective spell and could feel the heat beating down against her, battering at the back of her mind as an intense heat which started at the small of her back rose to the back of her skull, threatening to disrupt the incantation.

"I will not yield, beast! I have come for your power and I shall have it or I shall die in the attempt!" The great dragon let out a deep, rumbling laugh and replied in a slow, methodical tone.


Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item December 2018 for 20Planet Coin

Part of Devouring Pyre set