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Demon of the Deep Greaves Epic Boots
Raid damage: 1450

Duel power: 208
Attack: 275
Defense: 350
Deep Red Sea: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage if Caercys is in the active legion; Extra damage for each piece of Demon of the Deep equipment set worn; Extra damage against Aquatic raids

Boots demon of the deep
VII. This new sea was soft and weak. But enough blood and gore would make it like her lost home, so Kr'xunara butchered its denizens. She tore whales, sharks, and merfolk apart, and swam through pure, nourishing carnage. The demoness was still weak, drained from the infernal battles she'd fled. Yet she sneered and dared Tor'gyyl's underwater nations to stand against her. What could these mere mortals do against a fiend who'd ruled vast swaths of hell?
Obtained By:

Kr'xunara of the Bloody Waves (Raid)

Part of Demon of the Deep Set
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