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Demon of the Abyss Band Epic Ring
Raid damage: 3100

Duel power: 333
Attack: 700
Defense: 300
Deep Red Sea: 13% chance to deal 10,000 damage; Extra 2,500 damage for each unique piece of Demon of the Abyss set equipped; Extra 200,000 damage against Aquatic raids; Extra 300,000 damage against Abyssal raids

Ring demon of the abyss
Ressmarna, also known as the Band of the Blue Reef, was both a lock and a key. Its magic sealed Vhaliribdis the Third Terror in his prison deep under the waters. And only this artifact held the power to set him loose, should the Plereid merfolk need to unleash him on their enemies as they had many centuries ago. Thus its owners bore a solemn duty. Each generation impressed this upon the next, filling them with tales of Vhaliribdis' terrible might.
Obtained By:

Initiates of the Abyss (Raid)

Part of Demon of the Abyss Set
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