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Deathbringer's Sabatons Legendary Boots
Raid damage: 6400

Duel power: 833
Attack: 1300
Defense: 1200
Lay to Rest: Chance for bonus damage against Nightmare Queen raids; Extra damage for each additional piece of Deathbringer set equipped; Extra damage against The Nightmare Queen (World Raid); Chance to discover a Nightmare Queen's Mark when complete set is worn against non-guild related Nightmare Queen raids

Boots deathbringer

Boots deathbringer f

"I'm just going to say what we're all thinking. Orveto is some kinda angel, like for Karuss I mean. It's the only thing that makes sense, there's no way he's human the way he fights." -- Rumor circulated among Burial Crew recruits
Obtained By:

Deathbringer's Sabatons Chest

Part of Deathbringer Set
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