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Dark Pankration Visage Epic Helm
Raid damage: 2530

Duel power: 323
Attack: 520
Defense: 450
Magical Mauling: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each piece of Dark Pankration set worn; Extra damage against Demon raids; Extra damage against Undead raids; Extra damage and 8 Stamina for each unique piece of Necro-Lord's set owned

Helm dark pankration

Helm dark pankration f

A group of adventurers grabbed their enchanted weapons, set out on a grand quest, and, after an appropriately grueling battle, slew a demon. The band returned to the local tavern, elated with their victory. They ordered a round of drinks for the whole establishment -- which was costly, especially since the demon hadn't possessed any loot beyond a dubious loincloth and a nose ring, and funds were already running low. But generosity seemed like a heroic trait. Thus they grinned and bore the financial loss, whilst regaling their fellow patrons with their exploits.

At that point a dark pankratiast walked into the pub and tossed a heart onto the bar. It transpired that this had belonged to a similar fiend, whom she'd beaten senseless prior to tearing the organ from his chest.

The drinkers pushed tankard after tankard into the pankratiast's hands, and clamored for a blow-by-blow account. Meanwhile the adventurers sat in the corner -- weeping over their bill.

Obtained By:

Planet CoinCurrent Expeditions

Part of Dark Pankration Set
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