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Cuirass Curiosity Ring Epic Ring
Raid damage: 4900

Duel power: 733
Attack: 900
Defense: 1300
Perception: 600
Pedant: 15% chance to deal 10,000 damage; Extra 5,000 for each unique piece of Cuirass Curiosity set equipped; Extra 600,000 damage against Plant raids; Increases Perception by 600; 15% chance to discover an Abandoned Idol or Corrupted Plant Maw on hit when complete set (excluding Cuirass Curiosity Helm) is worn against non-Guild related Plant raids

Cuirass curiosity set ring
Quentin had to agree, and so hefted his sword,
to battle the Qwil (who were looking quite bored.)
Obtained By:


Part of Cuirass Curiosity Set


  • Cuirass Curiosity Ring is a part of one recipe.
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