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Crystal Seer's Glove Gloves
Raid damage: 42300

Duel power: 6617
Attack: 8150
Defense: 9700
Perception: 20000
Crystal Prophet: 72% chance to deal 1% damage; Increases Player's Health by 10,000, Energy by 25, Stamina by 13, and Honor by 20; Additional 500 Health, 5 Energy, 2 Stamina and 5 Honor for each piece of Crystal Seer set worn; 25% chance to discover a Heavy Treasure Chest on hit against Underground raids when full set is worn excluding Helm, Neck and Mount

Crystal seers gloves

Crystal seers gloves f

Fine silken cuffs with soft, flexible leather lining the entirety of the hand. There's nothing especially magical about these gloves, they just look really nice and fit comfortably.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item October 2019 for 20Planet Coin

Part of Crystal Seer set
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