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Crystal Seer's Crystillian Steed Mount
Raid damage: 59000

Duel power: 8833
Attack: 11500
Defense: 13000
Perception: 22000
Crystal Prophet: 80% chance to deal 225% damage; Increases Player's Health by 10,000, Energy by 25, Stamina by 13, and Honor by 20; Additional 500 Health, 5 Energy, 2 Stamina and 5 Honor for each piece of Crystal Seer set worn

Crystal seers mount.jpg
A beautiful and rare creature, the crystalline steeds of oroc society are highly prized for their beauty and rarity. They require years of training to become combat ready and often only accept one rider for the entirety of their lives.
Obtained By:

Planet Coin.pngLimited Time Item October 2019 for 30Planet Coin.png

Part of Crystal Seer set