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Crystal Seer's Amulet unique Neck
Raid damage: 42300

Duel power: 6617
Attack: 8150
Defense: 9700
Perception: 20000
Crystal Prophet: 72% chance to deal 1% damage; Increases Player's Health by 10,000, Energy by 25, Stamina by 13, and Honor by 20; Additional 500 Health, 5 Energy, 2 Stamina and 5 Honor for each piece of Crystal Seer set worn; 5% chance to maximize the amount of EXP received

Crystal seers neck.png
A rare and special amulet crafted from a rare lava ruby. These rubies take hundreds of years to properly form and are often harvested in very small quantities as they're only found within some of the deepest recesses of the earth and oftentimes are in areas heavily infested with monstrous foes.
Obtained By:

Planet Coin.pngLimited Time Item October 2019 for 20Planet Coin.png

Part of Crystal Seer set