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Crystal Dawn Flying Disc Epic Mount
Raid damage: 3530

Duel power: 452
Attack: 725
Defense: 630
Lucent Daybreak: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Dragons or Underground raids
Set 8: Increases critical hit chance against Dragons or Underground raids by 1%

Mount crystal dawn
You've never seen such ingenuity and design before on a magical device. The top portion of the disc remains stationary, allowing a person to stand on top of it, while the blades whirl on the bottom portion. And with the will of your mind, you are able to traverse great distances on this flying contraption, or swoop in and eviscerate your enemies from above.
Obtained By:

Crafting (General/Events):

Additional Info:

Dawniversary 4

Part of Crystal Dawn Set


  • Crystal Dawn Flying Disc is a part of one recipe.
Crystal Dawn Flying Disc Misc/Tokens
Crystal dawn coin brown
Crystal dawn coin grey
Crystal dawn coin green
Crystal dawn coin blue
Crystal dawn coin purple
Crystal dawn coin orange
Mount crystal dawn
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