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Crown of Ogre's Might Epic Helm
Raid damage: 36618

Duel power: 5773
Attack: 7600
Defense: 6218
Perception: 6218
More Brawn than Brain: 8% chance to deal 3% damage against Ogre raids; Extra 7% damage against Ogre raids if Axe of Ogre's Might is owned; Increases Player's Health by 10,000; PvP Bonus: Power: +500, Deflect +500; Set 2: Increases critical hit chance against Ogre raids by 4%

Crown of ogres might helm
It is said this helm was worn by Gorig the Smasher, a famed and vile ogre. Judging by the smell wafting off the helm, you believe it was worn by an ogre at the very least.
Obtained By:

Black Hand Besieger (Raid)

Additional Info:

Recolor of Kevinator's Helm


  • Crown of Ogre's Might is a part of one recipe.
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