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Crimson Crusader's Ring Epic Ring
Raid damage: 1950

Duel power: 535
Attack: 400
Defense: 350
Paint the World Red: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each unique piece of Crimson Crusader's set owned; Extra damage for each unique piece of Crimson Campaigner set owned; Extra damage for each unique piece of Red Prince set owned; Extra damage if Avenger of the Realm is owned; Extra damage if Defender of the Realm is owned; PvP Bonus +285 power, +100 deflect; Set 8: Increases Player's Attack and Defense by 100

Ring crimson crusader
XVII. "I'd lost the necklace. That beautiful jewel I'd thrown everything away for. And I didn't even care. It was never really mine, and now my spirit soared like a great weight had fallen away. I was free. Still an idiot. A fool. But not a thief, or a brigand. Ready to start a new life with a clean conscience. So I hid aboard one of the ships. It wasn't hard. If anyone saw me board, they must've thought I was a dock boy doing my job. I hid, and went to sea with the Red Prince's fleet." -- Tibbon, 'Tales of Red Heroes'
Obtained By:


Part of Crimson Crusader Set


  • Crimson Crusader's Ring is a part of one recipe.
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